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Window Replacement and Remodeling, Smith Mountain Lake, VA Since your energy costs are not likely to go down anytime soon, the only sensible option is to reduce the energy usage throughout your home. With many homeowners in the area spending as much as $4,000 per year to heat and cool their homes, we have to think about what it will cost 10 and 20 years from now. Some are predicting that the cost of heating and cooling your home will more than triple in the next 20 years. While you have no control over the cost of utilities, you do have a choice among the many different energy efficient replacement windows we offer for Southwestern Virginia residents. Not only are our replacement windows engineered to reduce your utility costs and increase your homes comfort, but they are also designed to be architecturally appealing. These energy-efficient windows also benefit the environment by lowering the pollutants, including carbon emissions, that go into the atmosphere.

While you have no control over the cost of utilities, you do have a choice among the many different energy efficient replacement windows we offer for Southwestern Virginia residents.
1. Frame structure and how they are engineered and assembled.
Inferior and/or old equipment used to make windows can cause window components to fit together poorly at the final assembly point. This can result in a window that develops problems opening and closing properly.

2. Weather stripping.
Many cheap windows on the market today use as little as 1 piece of felt-like weather stripping. This is the only barrier between you and cold air. Windows like this result in higher heating and cooling costs. Sometimes even higher than the windows, that were removed.

3. Type of glass and reflective coatings used.
There are a wide variety of glass used in windows today. All the way from simple single strength plate glass to architectural grade laminated glass. In addition the number of panes used and various applications of low emissive coatings can have a dramatic effect on performance, visible light transmittance, and how much solar gain from the sun you will experience.

4. The presence or argon or krypton gas.
Generally argon gas is used in many windows today. Argon gas between the panes of glass is about 5 times the density of the air we breathe so it acts as clear insulation between the glass panes. Krypton gas is about 12 times the density of the air we breathe so proper use of it can result in increased savings.

Some other questions we often hear:

I have heard about R-factors and U-values, can you tell me what they mean?
R-factors are a measurement of the Resistance a product has to energy transfer. Typically R-values are used to rate products like attic insulation where the same material and construction is consistent. The higher the R-factor, the better. U-values differ from R-factors in as they measure the actual rate of energy transfer through a product instead of resistance. The important thing to remember is that the lower the U-value, the less energy is escaping.

Window Replacement and Remodeling, Smith Mountain Lake, VA What is a Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient?
Often abbreviated SHGC. This is the measure of how much radiated heat transfers through your new windows. Many in our industry believe that that lower is always better. However, this is not always true. Depending on which direction your house faces, it is often advisable to have a mixture of low solar gain, medium solar gain, and high solar gain glass. This “Solar Tuning” is critical to your long-term comfort and energy savings and must be done by an experienced professional.

What about cold air?
Wouldn't any new window prevent cold drafts? One of the most overlooked ratings on windows is the amount of air infiltration or air leakage a window has. This is the amount of air that passes between the frame and the sash of the window. It is measured in cubic feet per minute/per square foot when exposed to a 25mph wind. Industry standard is .30 cfm/ft2. BDC Remodeling does not recommend, nor do we offer windows that have a rating over .10 cfm/ft2.


Making Your Door Choices Easier

Door Replacement and Remodeling, Smith Mountain Lake, VA Doors are another important defense against high utility bills. A door that is not properly sealed or installed can allow for cold or warm air to seep into your home. However, your entry door is not just a shield from the weather, it serves as a first impression of your home. We'll help you choose the door that not only gives your home the look you want, but provides the energy efficiency you're looking for.

There are some considerations, such as the kind of glass, if any, the door should have. The type of frame affects whether you need to paint it or not, and how much maintenance is involved. The construction of the door determines whether heat is deflected back to its source or absorbed, meaning how energy efficient the door is. Once you are no longer overwhelmed with these choices, doors are among the easiest ways to add beauty and energy efficiency to your home. Our goal is to make this process easy and seamless.
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